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“This corporation is founded for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation by Grace in Christ and Him crucified; for the salvation of souls and the establishing of believers, and doing of whatsoever is usual, convenient or expedient in such ministry; to maintain a place for the sheltering, lodging, feeding and clothing of the unfortunate, indigent and transients.”
Union Gospel Mission Union Gospel Mission is a Haven of Trust Needful and shielding when life seems unjust. Its workings inspired by God’s Holy Word Obeying when crys for assistance are heard No one’s denied its offering hand. Giving redemption to poor of our land Omnipotence justly used without shame Securing relief without searching for blame Pitting God’s power ‘gainst Satan's beguile Each mission builds courage in winning the trial Let’s lend them assistance we fortunate souls. Make giving our discards and bits of our gold Inspiring lures to come back to the way Son of our Father taught us to pray. Signs are now merging to tell all the world Its missions like these with banners unfurled Outstretching their arms to gather us all Next to manager that started it all. -author, A.F. Tony Javurek, 1985 This poem was presented to the mission by Tony Javurek in 1985. Mr. Javurek was a great supporter to the mission for many years.
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